Deli & Catering

Antoinette’s Deli

Circle’s Deli and Catering department offers high-quality, delicious meats and fresh, flavorful cheeses, wonderfully prepared meals and a wide assortment of party trays for your next event, office meeting or cookout.

Whether you need a quick hot breakfast, a filling lunch, or a party platter, Circle has just what you need!


Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!

Well, you deserve it. Not only does the Circle Bakery offer custom ordering for all your special occasions, check out our assortment of pies, cookies, pastries and more!

Looking for something in particular? Ask one of our friendly bakers for custom ordering and helpful tips.

Meat & Seafood

Specialty Meats & Seafood

Our meat department offers some of the best selection, quality and price in town, cut fresh daily in our stores. And not just any meats, we offer meats you can only get at the Circle – coons, rabbits, pig ears & lips, turkey necks & wings, ham hocks, chicken feet, cow tongue, lunch tongue, beef kidney, oxtails, and special fresh cuts of veal including veal seven steaks!

Our highly knowledgeable staff of friendly butchers can help you find the perfect selection of meat from our large variety or cut a custom cut of meat to fit YOUR specifications. Also ask one of our butchers for great recipe ideas and smart cooking tips.


Fresh Produce

Our produce department carries an abundance of the freshest vegetables and sweetest, juiciest fruits – including a fantastic selection organic produce and locally grown fruits and vegetables, delivered shortly after being picked.

Our People